Friday November 13th Holstein Sale

Results from the Special Fall Roundup Holstein/ Dairy Cross Feeder Cattle Sale Friday November 13th..

Here this past Friday we had a nice sale selling 701 head of Holsteins/ Dairy Cross Feeder Cattle on a market that was pretty much steady all the way around other than the Cattle that are too thin which are always a tough sell this time of yea.  

The Dairy Cross Cattle vary in price according to the quality selling anywhere from Holstein price to considerably higher on the Crossbreeds that may make the beef box when finished.  Demand is good for these also, especially those really high quality steers and heifers..


Our next Special Fall Roundup Holstein/Dairy Cross Sale will be held in conjunction with the beef sale in 2 weeks

Saturday November 28th 9 am sharp starting with the Holsteins and Dairy Cross to be followed by the Beef Cattle.


Thanks to all Buyers and Sellers alike who came together for another nice sale.. 

Here's the report..


Fancy Holstein Steers 

325-425# $110-$135

450-525# $105-$120

550-625# $100-$115

650-725# $100-$110

750-825# $95-$110

850-950# $90-$105 

Improperly Handled/Excessively Thin/ Lower Quality Holstein Steers Less


Fancy Cross Bred Steers/ Heifers on up from there..