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We welcome you to be part of our Special 2020 Round-Up Feeder Cattle Sales. With a great location in Southwest Wisconsin, we are centrally located between the cattle feeding states of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin with great access to the Nebraska, Kansas and South Dakota Feedyards. We appreciate all inquires you may have on the marketing of your quality Feeder Cattle. We invite you to the Tri-States Largest, Family owned Livestock Auction Market.




As we are in uncharted waters at this time, we understand that our customers depend on selling their livestock the “Auction Way”.  So at this time, we will be implementing a few changes to our sale barn procedures in order to comply with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  We understand these changes will be an inconvenience but we feel that for the health and well being of both our valued customers and employees, it needs to be done immediately. 


~Sellers:  We ask that you limit your time at our facilities to the unload areas only.  Please turn in all paperwork at the docks and exit the facility.  We do apologize, but during this time the auction seating will be for active buyers only.  Please remember that each sale has a live broadcast on www.cattleusa.com so you can view your cattle being sold. We know that not everyone can wait on the mail to receive their checks.  Please call the office and make arrangements to pick up your checks after the sale has concluded.  We will make every effort to accommodate you if we can.  If you have any concerns, please contact the sale barn.


~Buyers:  We will be limiting the seating area to active buyers only.  Please understand that bringing a guest, spouse or children will not be permitted as we need to allow for social distancing.  If anyone is interested in buying online, they will need to make arrangements prior to sale time with the office.  We also have order buyers that are willing to help with your purchasing needs.


We understand that these changes will be an inconvenience, yet it is important that we adhere to them.  We appreciate your understanding as we all get through these difficult times and we will keep you informed of any other changes that might occur.  At this time our sale schedule will continue as advertised but please continue to check the website for any changes.


Stay safe and healthy,


The Kirschbaum Family

Bloomington Livestock

Belmont Sale Barn




Beef New Crop Calf & Yearling Feeder Cattle Sale

♦Friday, April 3rd♦

 ♦9:00 AM♦


Red Fest Red Angus Sale

Sunday, April 5th at 1:00 pm

View Catalog Here



Holstein & Dairy Cross Feeder Cattle Sale

♦Friday, April 10th♦

 ♦9:00 AM♦



Beef New Crop Calf & Yearling Feeder Cattle Sale

♦Friday, April 17th♦

 ♦9:00 AM♦


Bred Cow & Heifer Sale

♦Saturday, April 18th♦

 ♦12:00 PM♦





**Early Listings**

All Beef “Back To Grass” Feeder Cattle Sale

Friday, April 3rd 2020 Starting at 9:00 am

Expecting 2,000 Feeder Cattle


Early Listings

McDermott~ 110 Blk Strs/Hfrs 650-800#

Weaned, Vacc x2 and in Green Condition

Woodhouse/Pedretti Angus~ 100 Blk Strs/Hfrs 550-700#

Weaned 45 Days, Vacc x2 & No Implants

Pending~ 95 Blk Strs/Hfrs 625-750#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Weller~ 80 Blk/Red Strs/Hfrs 500-650#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Bark~ 70 Fancy Blk/Red Hfrs 650-675#

Weaned, Vacc x2, Guaranteed Open &

Running Out in Green Condition

Freedom Hills~ 65 Red Angus Strs/Hfrs 450#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Artac~ 60 Blk Strs/Hfrs 600-700#

Weaned & Vacc x2

JC Maurer & Sons~ 55 Blk X Hfrs  800#

Vacc x2 & TMR Fed

Hanson~ 50 Blk Strs/Hfrs 500-700#

Weaned & Vacc

Koester~ 50 Blk/BWF Strs/Hfrs 500-575#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Fleegel~ 50 Blk Strs/Hfrs 400-650#

Weaned & Vacc

Shipley~ 50 Blk/BlkX Strs/Hfrs 500-750#

Long Time Weaned & Vacc

Mueller~ 45 Blk Strs/Hfrs 375-425#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Herman~ 45 Blk/BWF Strs/Hfrs 450-650#

Weaned, Vacc & No Implants

Kite~ 40 Blk Strs/Hfrs 575-650#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Mumm~ 40 BWF/RWF Strs/Hfrs 700#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Noonan~ 40 Blk Strs/Hfrs 750-800#

Weaned & Vacc

McHugh~ 30 Blk Strs/Hfrs 750-800#

Weaned & Green Tagged

Jung~ 30 Blk Strs/Hfrs 600#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Gill Farms~ 30 Blk Strs/Hfrs 600#

Weaned & Vacc x2

EMS~ 24 Blk Strs/Hfrs 500-550#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Seep~ 24 Red Angus Strs/Hfrs 600#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Bishop~ 20 Blk Strs 600-700# Vacc

Laukant Cattle~ 20 Blk/Red Strs/Hfrs 600#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Oberholtzer~ 18 Blk Strs/Hfrs 700-750#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Doescher~ 16 Blk Strs/Hfrs 800#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Stoltzfus~ 15 Blk Strs/Hfrs 500-600#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Albright~ 15 Blk Strs 500-700#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Lindsey Farms~ 15 Blk Strs/Hfrs 650-725# Vacc

Barnes~ 15 Fancy Blk Angus Hfrs 850#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Guaranteed Open & Breeding Quality

Feiner~ 12 Blk Strts/Hfrs 600#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Retrum~ 12 Blk Strs/Hfrs 550#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Johnson~ 10 Blk Strs/Hfrs 500-600#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Ruhoff~ 10 BWF/MX Hfrs 600# Vacc

Virtue~ 10 Blk Strs/Hfrs 500#

Weaned & Vacc x2

Lynch~ 8 Blk Strs/Hfrs 450-600#

Weaned & Vacc

Redfest Red Angus Bull & Female Sale

We are pleased to be hosting Red Fest Red Angus Sale on April 5th at 1pm.  For More Information on this Specialty Sale, please click one of the links below:

Red Fest Website or Red Fest Facebook



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