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We welcome you to be part of our Special 2020 Round-Up Feeder Cattle Sales. With a great location in Southwest Wisconsin, we are centrally located between the cattle feeding states of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin with great access to the Nebraska, Kansas and South Dakota Feedyards. We appreciate all inquires you may have on the marketing of your quality Feeder Cattle. We invite you to the Tri-States Largest, Family owned Livestock Auction Market.






Holstein & Dariy Cross Feeder Cattle Sale

♦Friday, February 28th♦

 ♦9:00 AM♦


 Spring Bred Cow & Heifer Sale

♦Saturday, February 29th♦



Beef New Crop Calf & Yearling Feeder Cattle Sale

♦Friday, March 6th♦

 ♦9:00 AM♦



Holstein & Dariy Cross Feeder Cattle Sale

♦Friday, March 13th♦

 ♦9:00 AM♦


2K Cattle Enterprises

22nd Annual Performance Tested Bull & Female Sale

♦Sunday, March 15th♦

 ♦1:00 PM♦





**Early Listings**


Two Sales This Week


**All Holstein & Dairy Cross Feeder Cattle Sale**

Friday, February 28th 2020 Starting at 9:00 am

Expecting 600-800 Holstein Cattle


Early Listings

JC Maurer & Sons ~ 50 Fancy Hols 700# Vacc x2 & TMR Fed

Drews~ 40 Hols 750# Vacc x2 & TMR Fed

Drews~ 2 Blk X Strs 700# Vacc x2 & TMR Fed

Bontrager~ 40 Hols 650-750# Vacc x2

Mt Ridge Farms~ 37 Hols 850-900# Vacc x2

Anderson~ 25 Hol/Xbreds 275-350# Vacc x2

Yoder~ 25 Hols 350-600# Vacc

Johnson~ 22 Hols 600# Vacc x2

Yoder~ 22 Hols 500# Vacc x2

Bennett~ 20 Hols 600# Vacc

Leigel~ 20 Hols 800# Vacc x2

Stoltzfus~ 18 Hols 400# Vacc

Miller~ 18 Hols 350-500# Vacc x2

Steffensmeier~ 10 Hols 600# Vacc

Bontreger~ 9 Hols 600# Vacc


**Spring Bred Cow & Heifer Sale**

Saturday, February 29th 2020 Selling at 12:00 pm

Expecting 500-700 Bred Cows

**This sale will be auctioneered by 2017 World Auctioneer Champion Brian Curless**




Early Listings

Gill~ Age Dispersal of 100 Fancy Black Angus Cows 5-10 Yrs

Bred to Black Angus Bulls with Rampage, Thunder Genetics

Excellent Disposition-Due to Calve in April

Dispersal due to Loss of Pasture

Confer Farms~ 60 Blk Cows 3-10 Yrs

Bred to Blk Bulls turned out July 1st

Kirschbaum~ 47 Fancy Purebred Black Angus Cows 6 Yrs Old

Came off the UV Risse Ranch in South Dakota as Hfrs

Cows have Excellent Dispositions and are bred to Bauers Horned Hereford Bulls

Excellent Opportunity to have some F1 Cross Calves

Bulls were turned out on June 8th

Wiest~ Complete Dispersal of 45 Blk/Red Running Age Cows

Bred to Blk Nosed Char and Red Angus Bulls

BK Farms~ 35 Blk Running Age Cows

Bred to “Rockin’ R” Blk Simm X Bull

Teal~ 25 Blk Cows 4 Yrs Bred to Purebred Red Angus Bulls

Pending~ 15-20 Blk Cows 4-5 Yrs Bred to Blk Bull

Anderson~ 18 Blk Bred Cows 2-10 Yrs

Ruesch~ 16 Bred Hfrs Bred to Black Angus Bulls 

Stutzman~ 15 Blk Cows 6-SM Bred to Red Bull Turned in June 25th

Napp~ 15 Simmental Cows & 2 Hfrs Bred to Blk Bull

Peterscheim~ 11 Fancy Blk Cows 3-8 Yrs Bred to Blk Woodhill Angus Bulls

Scheckle~ 11 Blk/Red/Baldys Running Age 

Bred to Blk Angus Bulls in on Aug 1st pulled out on Dec 1st

Ball~ 9 Blk Hfrs & 3 Cows 6-8 Yrs Bred to Blk Bull

Kolker~ 7 Red Angus Running Age Cows

Bred to Red Angus Bull Turned out July 3rd

J Anderson~ 7 Red/Blk Gevlinger/Angus Cows 4-7 Yrs

Bred to Red Angus Bull turned out July 3rd

Metzler~ 6 Blk Cows 6-9 Yrs bred to Blk Angus Bull

White~ 5 Bulls consisting of:

(2) 2 Yr Old Angus/Simm (1) 3 Yr Old Angus/Simm

(1) 2 Yr Old Purebred Char

Mason~ 3 Purebred Angus Bulls Coming 2 Yrs (DOB April 2018)

Semen Check, Vacc and Good Dispositions

Effective Genetics & Mason Genetics

Belmont Market Report

2K Cattle Enterprise


We are pleased to be hosting 2K Cattle Enterprises' 22nd Annual Performance Tested Angus Bull & Female Sale.  For More Information on this Specialty Sale, please click one of the links below:


2K Cattle Enterprises' Website Or 2K Cattle Enterprises' Facebook





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