Friday January 12th Holstein Sale

Results from the Special Winter Roundup All Holstein Steer/Dairy Cross Steer and Heifer Sale Friday January 12th..
Here this past Friday we had our first Holstein Sale of 2018 selling 704 head on a market that was unevenly steady ..
Yesterday's weather had some play in the market which shortened up the run a little and shortened up a few buyers due to tricky side roads..
Demand was still good on the cattle of high quality that were properly handled and vaccinated but the market was uneven with no real New Year trend established ... The next Special Winter Roundup All Holstein and Dairy Cross Feeder Cattle Sale will in be in 2 weeks Friday January 26th.. 
This sale will also include a complete dispersal of over 2,000 Holstein Steers from light weights up to 1200# that will not be sold in the ring but on the video..Stay tuned for more accurate detail soon to come... 
Don't forget the Big Special Winter Roundup All Beef New Crop Calf/Yearling Sale this coming Friday January 19th starting time 9am sharp...
Thanks again to all Buyers/Sellers alike who brought together yet another nice sale..
Here's the report....
Fancy Holstein Steers
250-350# $90-$135
375-450# $85-$115
475-550# $90-$110
575-650# $85-$105
675-750# $85-$95
775-850# $85-$95
875-950# $85-$92
975-1075# $ 78-$86
Improperly Handled/ Excessively Thin/Lower Quality Holstein Steers Less