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 Special “Back to Grass Roundup” Feeder Cattle Sale

Selling Beef & Holstein Feeder Cattle

Friday, May 27th at 9:00 AM Sharp!!

Expecting 1,300-1,500 Feeder Cattle with many more pending listings at ad time!



We wish all you good folks a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend


**Feature Consignments**


Roe~ 200 Blk Strs (110 HD) / Hfrs (90 HD) 800# All Vacc.

Ruedinger~ 85 Fancy Hol Strs 550# All Vacc.

Borntrager~ 70 Hol Strs 300-325# 2x Vacc.

Redman~ 50 Bf Strs/Hfrs 475-550# All Vacc.

Pitz~ 40 Hol Strs 550# 2x Vacc.

Spaeth~ 38 Fancy Red Angus Heifers 675-725# All Vacc.

Veech~ 35 Blk Strs/Hfrs 750# All Vacc.

C. Kirschbaum~ 27 Blk Mostly Hfrs 600# All Vacc.

Turpin~ 20 Angus Strs/Hfrs 500# All Vacc.

Maske~ 15 Hol Strs 425-475# 2x All Vacc.

McHugh~ 14 Blk Strs 750# Vacc.

Miller~ 10 Hol Strs 275# All Vacc.



**** Special Note:  Starting in the month of June, we are on our “Summer Feeder Cattle Sale Schedule” as Follows: ****

Feeder Sale Every 2nd and 4th Friday June, July, & August


Hope to see you there!!

Thanks again,

Bloomington Livestock



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