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Big Special “Back to Grass” Roundup Load Lot Feeder Cattle Sale
February 12th at 8:30 am ~ Strings at 12 noon sharp!
Expecting 3000-3300 High Quality Feeder Cattle
This sale will feature our finest cattle, that you will not buy any more green, with the best genetics you will find in the country.  There will be many, many load lots of grass type cattle in this sale.  These light grass type yearlings of high quality are really starting to dry up around the country.  If you are looking for the best grass type or feedlot cattle one can buy right in your own backyard don’t miss this sale.
Feature Consignments
Jamie Bark ~ 600 Extremely Fancy H.R. Blk/Red Strs/Hfrs  500-675#
                          Strictly grass green, running out, never seen a building
Consisting of: 
335 Steers (150 Blk/Red 500-550#)(85 Blk/Red 600#)(75 Blk/Red 675#)(25 Red/CharX 550-625#)
265 Heifers (185 Blk/Red 500-550#)(80 Blk/Red 600-625#
Blackhided Cattle Sired by Koupal Angus Bulls, Dante, South Dakota
Red Angus Cattle Sired by Brickel Red Angus Bulls
Few Char X Cattle Sired by Skaife Charolais Bulls
Dummermuth Farms ~ Elgin, Iowa 170 Extremely Fancy Black H.R. Grass Green Strs only 575-625#
Cattle running out never seeing buildings.  This is an extremely high quality set of grass yearling makers from one of the oldest foundation family farms in the Tri-State Region.
A & R Farms (Adrian/Reynolds) ~ 120 Extremely Fancy H.R. Blk/Red Strs/Hfrs  650-750#
Strictly green, clean and hairy as grizzly bears.  You will not buy a set of middle weight cattle any better than these and right in your own backyard.  All heifers are in town and would make an outstanding set of heifers to breed.
Woodworth ~ 70 Extremely Fancy Blk Angus 50 Strs/20 Hfrs  700-750#
These are very high genetics ~ clean and green
Brinkmeyer ~ 75 Fancy Blk Strs only 550-650#  A green set of great yearling makers
Knebel ~ 50 Fancy Shorthorn Strs/Hfrs  550-600#  High Genetic set of Shorthorn Cattle
Lord ~ 30 Blk/Red Strs/Hfrs  700#
Stoltzfus ~ 15 Beef Strs/Hfrs  425
Hochstettler ~ 12 Hol Strs  300-450#
Lambright ~ 8 Hol X Strs  300-450#

Plus many, many more cattle pending at ad time but will be confirmed after ad deadline.  This will be a showcase of the finest cattle in the Tri-State Region with all properly Vaccinated and Longtime Weaned. 
Expecting 500-700 Holstein Steers all weights
2300-2500 Beef Strs/Hfrs  300-950#
Hope to see you there!!
Thanks again,

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